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User ReefkprZ
Size 120
Date Started 8/21/2010
Lighting 4 x 110watt vho 2@65,000k 2@10,000k Icecap 660 electronic ballast
Equipment HOb aquaclear 30 hob whisper filter 2x heaters @ 250w jebo 9w UV sterilizer
CO2 none
Substrate Sand, topsoil, clay, laterite, ecocomplete, peastone.
Parameters in fluctuation, still starting to cycle.
Fertilization none
Plants Cryptocoryne wendtii, Microsorum pteropus 'Windelov' , Vallisneria americana gigantea, Alternanthera ficoidea. and more still looking for the proper names
Inhabitants 12 gold danio, 3 blood fin tetra, 3 blue danio, 3 leopard danio, 3 zebra danio
Comments tank is new, but its coming around, the hardest part is finding good plants up here in maine where most plant life is illeagle
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be gentle its just starting up.
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