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User bsk
Size 18 Gallon
Date Started 9/1/2009
Lighting Archaea T5HO 48w
Equipment Eheim 2217 Filter
CO2 5lb Co2 Tank
Substrate ADA Amazonia II
Parameters PH 6.5
Fertilization liquid Pfertz
Plants Blyxa Japonica Hemianthus Callitrichoides
Inhabitants 18 Ember Tetras 4 Cardinal Tetras CRS MTS and Assasin Snails to kill the MTS
Comments Inspired by Roy Deki's "passage Beyond"
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Algae Grower
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You could experiment with some java fern or something red in the back, but it looks great as it is!
Planted Tank Enthusiast
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Hey where did you pick up the rocks for your scape? I love the style
Algae Grower
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This is very well done! Congratulations!
Junior Member
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Elegant in its simplicity. Amazing tank.
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