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User monster mac
Size 40 gallon breeder
Date Started 2/20/2014
Lighting 36" Aquatic Life T5HO (76W)
Equipment Cascade 1000 canister filter/ Finnex 200W digital heater
CO2 Milwaukee CO2 Regulator, MA957. (5lb)
Substrate Black Eco-complete (60lbs)
Parameters 80Deg
Fertilization Green Leaf Aquarium's Pro Fert Pack
Plants Jungle Val/ Anubia Nana/ Ludwigia Repens/ Amazon Sword/ Hydro Kompact/ Dwarf Sag/ Java moss/
Inhabitants 2 German Blue rams/ 6 Cardinal tetra/ 4 Rummynose/ 4 Harlequin/ 2 Siamese algae eater/
Comments Malaysian drift wood/ zebra rock
Profile Views 773
Algae Grower
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Very nice!
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