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User Aholton
Size 5.5 Gallon
Date Started May 17th, 2014
Lighting Finnex Fugeray 16"
Equipment Basic Heater Aquaclear 30
CO2 Miniature Fluval Co2 System Co2 Ladder (not in picture)
Substrate Fluval Shrimp Stratum
Parameters Good, too lazy to type them all out
Fertilization Seachem Flourish once weekly Seachem Excel, small doses daily
Plants Dwarf Hairgrass Red leaved bushy plant, forgot the scientific name
Inhabitants After the tank cycles I will be adding 4-5 Red Cherry Shrimp
Comments It was originally a Fluval Edge (6 gallons) until I got frustrated with the top glass. Now it's rimless.
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loving that light I just recently added one to my 12 gallon. Do you regret cutting the top off at all? I don't mind it for maintenance but for creating the layout its a headache.
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Nice layout. Do you have an updated photo?
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And I see that you mentioned it was originally a fluval edge? Did you remove the top glass layer or replace the tank? I have fluval edge and while the idea of the top glass is nice, it is inconvenient and becoming a pain in the ass.... Fast.
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