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User kingfisherfleshy
Size 10g
Date Started 8/??/2009
Lighting 2x 18W CFL Pendants
Equipment Eheim 2213 Small Tetra Non Adjustable heater...Think it runs a little cool, but oh well.
CO2 DIY with small glass diffuser...running two 2L. Changing out one bottle about every four weeks now...still every time I change out a bottle I have to disconnect the co2 at night. Bottles run 2 weeks on: 2c sugar, 1 tea baking soda, 1 tea yeast.
Substrate Eco-Complete
Parameters pH is about 7.6 Temp: 79F
Fertilization 5mL of Excel every morning after 1g h2o change. Have pfertz nitrogen and trace...have to work out how I am going to use them with the daily h2o changes. For now just trying to get a little patch of algae to die down.
Plants Nymphaea - More than I would like to think about Red Tiger Lotus Red Root Floaters Echinodorus Tennelus - two varieties (3" and 8") Gecko Crypts Red Crypts - Petco...who knows Green Temple 2x stems Red Temple 1x stem MM down in front Anubias Nana Anubias Petite Some random moss and glosso growing on the wood.
Inhabitants 3x Emerald Cory Cats 1x Angelfish 3x Endlers Livebearers 3x Glowlite Tetras Soon to be 3x assassin snails, 3x nerite snails. Possibly re-adding a oto cat.
Comments Had this tank up and running for a few years now and it is finally starting to come together.
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Mark F.
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I take it that smallmouth bass is a temporary resident? Is it eventually destined for a bigger tank, a return to the waters where it was caught, or a skillet? ;-) In the mean-time, if algae ever becomes a problem, a mature Ancistrus sp. would probably be a suitable tank-mate (at least until the "smallie" grows big enough to eat it!) ... nice little jungle, btw.
Planted Tank Enthusiast
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Thanks for the positive comment man. The picture doesnt do it justice, but it motivates me to do a little more. Smally is temporary, no worries though, I wont be releasing. Algae is already somewhat of a problem since my oto jumped last week. Looking into a pleco at this point due to availability of other fish in an area with no LFS's. :(
Algae Grower
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If I were you, I'd trim back the wisteria to let the red rubin(?) grow and take out/move the pennywort. This would add some realism and depth to your tank. Your algae problem may be due to excess nutrients/light, so you should head over to the forums on fertilization and, if possible, switch to some more precise regiments. It's looking good!
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