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Size 55
Date Started 12/12/2013
Lighting I use 20 led 9w standard gu-10 base spot lamps, 8 soft white 8 warm white 4 red/blue grow in a home made fixture
Equipment 1 high out put power head pulling through an home made carbon filter.
CO2 I use 1 cup carbonated water 2X week from King Sooper, .79 for a 2 liter bottle. Any more than that and the plants grow too quickly. Since 5/5/13 have stopped using CO2 due to too much growth.
Substrate Walstead method w/ Miracle grow organic soil, rinsed, 1/2" of gravel and 5lb black sand on a under gravel filter.
Parameters 7.0 to 7.2 Ph, 100ppm GH, 200ppm KH, 80 degrees F using 50/50 DI/RO and tap water, conditioned w/ Sea Chem Prime, undectable nitrates, ites, amonia. I do water changes only to bring Ph and TDS under control, other than that top off's only
Fertilization none
Plants I bought a plant package locally (thanks Scotty B) w/ 18 plants. I work 70 hours a week w/ no time to research what they are but they need frequent trimming.
Inhabitants 2 Cores and a Beta, looking locally for Angels, then the Beta will go in the nurse tank.
Comments I started this project to stop the cycling problems and to have a tank like I saw on this forum. I have a 39 gallon tank has esentially the same parameters and it has 12 Cardnals, 2 dwarf Goramis, a red tailed shark 6 little shrimp 2 coreys and a Beta a couple of 20 led grow spot leds and 2 24" grow lights. I am very happy with the look of my tanks and would like to thank all of the people on the forum and all of the research I've been able to do in one place. David, (nfrog) 35 year Aquarist
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