carolsmith7878 2 Gallon Globe vase from Target - Your Tanks
User carolsmith7878
Size 2 Gallon Globe vase from Target
Date Started June 2010
Lighting Natural Sunlight from East facing window and full-spectrum light from Home Depot ($25)
Equipment DIY sponge filter using sponge cut from Nano cube replacement sponge material, 1/2" clear rigid tubing, air stone, and air pump.
CO2 2 drops Flourish Excel 1x weekly
Substrate Reptile sand from Petco
Parameters Right now going through mini-cycle due to recently adding sponge filter.
Fertilization 2 drops Flourish 2x weekly, 2 drops Flourish Iron 1x weekly
Plants Hornwort, Java Fern, petite nana, several small moss ball pieces, unknown aponogeton species (baby plant).
Inhabitants Malaysian trumpet snails for now, will probably add some type of shrimp later.
Comments Please pardon blurry photos, the camera is low grade. I am using cut plastic canvas from a craft store as the cover for now. It works great and cost under $2.
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This is very pretty and natural.
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Updated on December 3rd, 2010. I added a whisper 3i filter because the snails were stirring up the sand and causing clouding that a sponge filter couldn't handle. I am hoping to add an external filter (hidden away underneath) once I have a bit more money. There are now 2 baby guppies and quite a few cherry shrimp in there.
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Lovely natural looking tank. The Aponogeton looks like Aponogeton Natans judging by size and stem numbers
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