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User Turbo1dr
Size 120 Gallon - Tall
Date Started April 10 2014
Lighting Two 48" Marineland Aquatic Plant LED lights with timers. Info: PAR/LUX at 12" - 172/10530 PAR/LUX at 24" - 83/4810 Lumens - 4480 ------------- One 48" Current Freshwater LED+
Equipment Two Canister Filter's. One with filter floss and the other with ceramic media.
CO2 Liquid C02 at the moment
Substrate Miracle Gro Organic and Flourite Substrate
Plants Anubias barteri -- Anubias lanceolata -- Anubias congensis -- Amazon Swords Echinodorus amazonicus -- Amazon Swords Echinodorus argentinensis -- Echinodorus "red diamond" -- Jungle Vallisneria -- Hygrophila corymbosa -- Microsorium pteropus -- Ludwigia repens -- Ammania gracilis -- Alternanthera reineckii -- Bolbitis asiatica -- Limnophila aromatica -- Cabomba aquatica -- Ludwigia Peruensis -- Narrowleaf Sagittaria
Inhabitants Tiger Barbs, Blue Rams, Glow Light Tetras, Bloodfin Tetras, Spotted Cory Cats and Green Cory Catfish.
Comments I may have the latest picture of the tank as the main image. Other images may be older. I'll try to keep them updated if my profile views keep rising. --------------All information above was updated May 26 2014
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Beautiful tank! Who needs TV with a tank like that.....
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