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40G Automated Aquarium - Front 01.jpg
User KhanQueso
Size 40 Gallon Breeder
Date Started 06/01/2013
Lighting 36" x 3 lamp T5-HO light fixture by Catalina Aquariums. Maybe some moonlighting in the future.
Equipment Eheim Classic Canister Filter 2215. 2 x Jager 125W Heater. Aquaculture Air Pump (for emergencies).
CO2 To be implemented soon (hopefully).
Substrate Seachem Fluorite Black Sand, 1.5" - 3" deep
Parameters pH: 8.2 Alk: 11 dKH (my water is crunchy) GH: 143 ppm Temp: 84 F
Fertilization Will be using following Seachem products: Flourish, Iron, Nitrogen, Phosphorous
Plants Lots of Echinodorus sp. Unknown lily specie (from dry bulb pack). Unknown Aponogeton specie (as lily). Lots of Cryptocoryne wendtii 'red'. 1 lone Vallisneria spiralis. Lots more to come!
Inhabitants *CURRENT* 6 x German Blue Rams (nearly adults). 20 x Cardinal Tetra. *FUTURE* 9 x Otocinculs. 10 x Corydoras (maybe).
Comments The picture is taken 12 hours after setup (plants are from a slightly neglected 29G aquarium). I made the background from insulation foam, Quickrete, and a lot of DryLock. I haven't implemented any automated systems yet, that is going to be the most fun (and annoying) part of the whole process.
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