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User saugata
Size 90 G - 54"x24"x20"
Date Started 27/04/06
Lighting 36 watts x 6 nos of Philips T8 lights @ 12 hrs per day
Equipment Eheim Professional 2224; Dymax Powerhead; Digital Timer Controled Lights;
CO2 Pressurized, disolved though a Dymax reactor fitted with a small powerhead
Substrate Bottom most layer Laterite covered by calcium free washed river sand
Parameters pH-6.8;KH-4;Temp-28-30 C;NH3-0;NO2-0;NO3-15 PPM;PO4-0.5 PPM
Fertilization KNO3, KH2PO4 & Traces
Inhabitants Neon Tetras, Albino, Cories, Clown Loaches, P Denisonii, Angel, Platys, Mollys, Sword Tails, American Flagfish, Cherry Barbs, Madagascar Rainbows
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