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User Bananableps
Size 50 gallons
Date Started 10/26/2013
Lighting 6x 12" Ecoxotic Panorama Pro Modules
Equipment Eheim ecco pro 300
CO2 Distiller's yeast DIY setup, fed into an external impeller. Leftovers are fed into a still for party water. :D
Substrate Eco Complete
Parameters Stopped checking, but the rummies' noses are always bright red. I've never detected any ammonia, nitrite, or nitrate in my tank. I keep a very small fish load. PH is usually pretty close to neutral.
Fertilization Dry ferts mixed with water ahead of time in a jam jar, using's "PPS-Classic" guide for fertilizing.
Plants Bacopa australis, blyxa japonica, dwarf hair grass, glossostigma elatinoides, hemianthus callitrichoides, hemianthus micranthemoides, java moss, and ludwigia repens.
Inhabitants 10x rummy nose tetra 10x dwarf corydoras ?x otocinclus 4x mystery snail ?x Malaysian trumpet snail
Comments I couldn't get power to this tank for a week. Pretty much everything except for the gloss, ludwigia repens, and the hair grass died. As of 4/25/14, I'm still trying to recover this tank. I've added some mosses and Anubis, and giving up on the HC. I might be able to save the bacopa, but frankly who cares. It's just bacopa.
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