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User AquaAurora
Size 20 gallon Long
Date Started 4/14/14
Lighting 6500k 13 watt compact CFL bulbs (x3) in 10" work lamp reflectors (x3) on 7.5 hours
Equipment Aquaclear 70 and Ehiem Jagar 75 watt
Substrate Black Diamond blasting "sand"
Parameters temp:78F pH:7.5 ammonia:0 nitrite:0 nitrate:5-10 GH:160 KH:70
Fertilization Seachem: Excel, Flourish, Potassium, and Phosphorous
Plants [UPDATED] SUBMERGED: Crypt (wenditt?) green, Crypt Parva, Dwarf lily plant, and Needle leaf Java fern. RIPARIUM: Pothos, Fittonia albivenis, Tradescantia zebrine, Cyperus Umbrella Sedge, Aluminum plant, Ruellia brittoniana 'Katie', Spathiphyllum "domino', Dwarf Palm Neanthe Bella, Dwarf Taro, Syngonium, Creeping Jenny, Riccia, AND Giant hairgrass.
Inhabitants [UPDATED] No fauna atm Thinking otos, gold ram, and either: ember tetra, glowlight tetra, or danio tinwini.. still open to other non jumping fish ideas though.
Comments [UPDATED] Once had a large anubias collection, but after receiving diseased anubias from a pt member I lost over half of my collection to the disease, commonly called "rhizome rot". What was left was quarantined emersed for 2 months to determine healthy of the plants, and recently donated to a pt member who knew of their recent history. Now the tank focuses more on the riparium above than the plants below. I've crammed in as many planters and plants as I can for now, with a mix of common house plants and riparium plants in there. Also have some ermeserd forms of aquatic plants like ricca, creeping jenny, and am trying some giant hair grass. Driftwood is a large mazantia branch/log that was sawed in half and added to give a sort of loose interpretation of mangrove roots. A black background has been made with black table cloth (same as on this tank's table) and a outdoor 'drywall' that won't mold/rot from getting wet (not adhered to tank, can be moved away to find hiding fauna). Long term plan is to move the riparium to my 55g tank once my pleco moves out so I can stuff more planters in. I encourage anyone willing to try something new to play around with riparium setups its a great addition to tank! Just be mindful of the added shade it causes for your submerged plants. It can be as simple as a house plant in the HOB filter foam, up to high humidity demanding riparium plants in fancy baskets and rafts, DIY is a great way to save money, and you can try just about any terrestrial plant that doesn't have care info like "do not leave in standing water" or desert plant that needs watered only once a month. Its also a great help for tanks with high nitrate issues and/or not-so plant friendly fish (be mindful of root eaters though).
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Those lights have a huge spread on them. Seems a shame to waste all that power in such a small area. You should put a (black) background on that tank and hide a small nursery behind it. I like the riparian baskets by the way!

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