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User AquaAurora
Size 20 gallon Long
Date Started 4/14/14
Lighting 6500k 13 watt compact CFL bulbs (x3) in 10" work lamp reflectors (x3) on 7.5 hours
Equipment Aquaclear 70 and Ehiem Jagar 75 watt
Substrate Black Diamond blasting "sand"
Parameters temp:74F pH:7.5 ammonia:0 nitrite:0 nitrate:20
Fertilization Seachem: Excel, Flourish, Potassium, and Phosphorous
Plants Submerged Flora: Leopard vals... Riparium Flora: Purple Waffle, Chives, Dragons Tongue, Ruellia brittoniana 'Katie', Spathiphyllum, Sweetflag, Star Grass, Rain lily, Polka dot/mosaic plant, Riccia, Hydro sp. japan, Helxine soleirolii, Tradescantia zebrine,
Inhabitants 12 White cloud mountain minnows misc ramshorn snails and MTS
Comments Look at last page of photos for more recent shots....Tank has had several rescaped not pictured here (view journal for more). Tank has been through a lot but I still really enjoy it and have fun trying to garden/house plants out on the riparium
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Those lights have a huge spread on them. Seems a shame to waste all that power in such a small area. You should put a (black) background on that tank and hide a small nursery behind it. I like the riparian baskets by the way!
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