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10-07-10 01 Aquarium - both bulbs are plant-aquarium but R side is from aquarium supplies edt.jpg
User Suenell
Size 55
Date Started 2010, May 20
Lighting 2 fluorescent plant/aquarium tubes in the back. I bought 1 in the household lighting department & it seems to give an "Amazon water" effect (on the L side). The other that I bought from the pet section has a sparkling blue effect (the R side). I don't know if 1 is better than the other for the plants but the fish seems to prefer the L side of the tank with the more natural lighting.
Equipment 2 double filters hanging off the back, 2 hoods each w/1 fluorescent plant tube, 1 external air pump running bubblers, 1 heater, 1 submerged pump for an undergravel filter but running it as aerator
CO2 simply bubblers
Substrate Just natural colored pea-gravel but plan on putting something else under it after I get another aquarium to put my fish in while I researt this aquarium.
Fertilization ice cubed Osmocote
Plants Moneywort (seems to have melted at this time), Ruby Red Melon Sword, Wisteria, Giant Hygrophilia, Wendtii Red, Amazon Sword
Inhabitants 2 lg snails, 3 Neons, 2 albino Coreys, 1 Plecostemus, 5 Mollies, 1 Angels, 1 Danios, 1 small grey frogs, 1 Headlight Tetras, 2 Fire Tetras, 5 Guppies, 5 Tiger Tetras
Comments I've had tanks on & off since my teens. Since being disabled & on a strict budget, I've found that not having a TV is not missed at all because when I need to watch something I can enjoy the plants sway in the current & the fish happily swimming in the environment I've given them. I'm on the prowl for a nice piece of driftwood to add when I upgrade the substrate & get some Java Moss for it!
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