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User tclancy
Size 75 Gallons
Date Started February 24, 2014
Lighting 2 Fluval Full Spectrum Plant LED fixtures
Equipment Fluval 406 and Marineland C160 Canister Filter, Fluval 300 watt heater, Hydor 240 and 425 powerheads.
CO2 Pressurized. Diffused through DIY reactor attached to canister filter.
Substrate Flourite/gravel mix
Fertilization Seachem liquid for now..
Plants - Staurogyne Repens - Pogostemon Helferi - SP Japan - Alternanthera Reineckii - Wisteria - Ludwigia Rubin - Ludwigia Repens - Ludwigia Narrow Leaf (I think) - Ludwigia Needle Leaf - Rotala Magenta - Rotala Indica - Rotala Singapore - Limnophila Aromatica - Pogostemon Erectus - Pygmy Chain Sword (Echinodorus Tenellus) - Ammania Gracilis
Inhabitants - Boesemani Rainbows - Blue Tetras - Siamese Algae Eaters - Panda Cory Cats
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