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User FiftyFive
Size 20 Gallon, 24 x 12 x 16
Date Started June 25 2006
Lighting 24" 65w Coralife Aqualight mounted - Open concept
Equipment Fuval 304 w/ spraybar (no carbon filter)
CO2 Hagan canister and Red Sea 500 Reactor
Substrate 2" eco-complete and some rocks
Parameters ph:7.2
Am: 0
Ni: 0
Fertilization lots
Plants Corkscrew Vallis / Lace Java fern / Red Tiger Lotus(?) / Giant Vallisneria / Tropical Crypts(?) / Glosso / Amazon Swords / Red plant(?) / spikey common plant(?) /
Inhabitants 2 oto atfish (incredible survivors!)
5 clown loaches
5 Amano Shrimps

3 cherry shrimp
5 amano shrimp
5 yoyo loaches

I suffered a mishap with trying to stablize the water. I put peat temporarily in the filter and didnt realize how much of a spike would occur.

I now have stabilized the water and got 5 more Shrimp and 5 clown loaches!

Comments This is my first full planted tank.

I just started working on this on the weekend of June 25th and I will be making a running documentary here!

Thanks go out to Attack11

No photo updates for tank much has changed however.

dead fish and shrimp

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NICE little setup you have there.. Can't wait to see as the foliage grows more dense! Be sure to keep us updated!
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