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User WillyJ
Size 20 gallon high
Date Started Originally 1995, Revitalized July 2010
Lighting 2x24w T5 HO 6700k Life Glo 8hrs/day
Equipment Ehiem Ecco 2232 Canister Filter, 150w heater
CO2 Pressurized 5lb tank with glass diffusor and Burkert 6011 solinoid
Substrate Flourite, sand
Parameters 78F, 6.4 pH, 5 dKH, 8 dGH, 0 ppm Ammonia, 0.05 ppm NO2
Fertilization EI method
Plants Java Moss, Glossostigma Elatinoides, Tiger Lotus, Onion Plant, Java Fern, Anubias
Inhabitants 3x Dwarf Puffers, 2x Kuhli Loachs, 1 ancient Cory, 1 Clown Pleco and occasionally snails for the puffers :)
Comments Got this tank from my dad when he moved. It had an under gravel filter, gravel only substrate and a couple of plants. Ripped out the UGF after cycling the tank with the power filter for ~ 2 weeks, then did the same to switch to the canister filter (found one for a good price). Also, I'm using the regulator and CO2 tank from my old keg-o-rator, works perfectly! Journal: http://www.plantedtank.net/forums/tank-journals-photo-album/114849-20gal-high-tech-tiger-tank.html
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OK, so I'm biased, but this thing never had a dream of looking so good until Will engineered it with care and an artistic flair. Where'd the Zen gate go?
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I've remvoed the netting and am now using fishing line to secure the java moss. I've also added a black backdrop (ugly wallpaper in this pic) and a moonlight. More pics to come.
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I've decided the blue gravel is hideous, any suggestions on how to remove it with out doing a massive overhaul?
Mark F.
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Looks like a successful "re-boot" to me! The planting arrangement has a "comfortable" feel to it, and the combination of of inhabitants should provide plenty of interest.
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