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User FuelingFire
Size 55g
Date Started 4/2/14
Lighting dual bulb T8 shop light 6500k bulbs
Equipment sunsun 302-1 canister filter, 150w Jager heater.
CO2 no
Substrate Miracle gro organic potting soil, capped with 60/80 grit black diamond blasting sand.
Parameters Ph 7.4
Fertilization none
Plants a lot.
Inhabitants 17 golden pristella tetras, 16 black neon tetras, 6 black khuli loaches, 5 celestial pearl danio, 1 bristelnose pleco.
Comments tanks has been running for over a year only recently moved so the tank substrate has changed. so that is why the date started is recent.
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shrimp pliskin
Algae Grower
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Look at the size of that Amazon Sword!
Planted Tank Enthusiast
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I echo the previous comment--that sword is amazing!
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