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User Mulyadi Susy
Size 10 Gallons
Date Started July 2010
Lighting 1 x 15 watt T8 Hagen Power-Glo 18000k, 1 x 15 watt T8 Hagen Life-Glo 6700k
Equipment Aqueon Filter, Theo Hydor 50 Watt Heater, DIY Hood and DIY Fan (for summer)
CO2 None
Substrate Gravel and Aquarium white sand
Parameters Ph 7.0, Temp 74f-78f
Fertilization Seachem FlourishTabs, Seachem Flourish, Seachem Flourish Iron and Seachem Flourish Excel
Plants Bacopa Australis, Egeria Najas, Red Ludwigia, Alternanthera reineckii, Rotala Rotundifolia, Dwarf Hairgrass and Java Moss
Inhabitants 9 Least Rasbora, 5 Endler Guppy, 7 Pygmy Cory, 1 Albino Cory, 1 Otocinclus, 15 Red Cherry Shrimp And 2 Nerite Snail
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Algae Grower
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Your concept is nice but I think you need to camouflage the filter pump and fill in the back ground a bit. It could really be beautiful. Good luck!
Planted Tank Guru
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This is one of my favorites. The rocks make it look bigger than a 10 gallon tank. I am wondering how you found room to put the lights over the tank.
Mulyadi Susy
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thanks, still find a way to hide the filter, it's not easy with this small tank. my tank had DIY hood, i make it 2x18" t8 fit in there, and the ballast is external to make my hood look thin and small. I'll post a whole tank soon with the hood.
Algae Grower
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amazing. impressive aquascaping.
Planted Tank Obsessed
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it is perfect . do not care that much about that almost invisible filter good DSLR btw :)
Algae Grower
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i love it!!
Junior Member
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This tank is a great inspiration to a newbie like me. I currently cannot afford to get any CO2 equipment; it's nice to see such a beautiful tank can be accomplished without it.
Planted Tank Obsessed
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very nice tank
Wannabe Guru
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This tank looks so nice. Do you dose CO2? I've just gone through a re-scape, trying to steer my 10 gallon in pretty much this exact direction, minus the hardscape. This is really well done.
Planted Tank Enthusiast
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Awesome looking scape. You have inspired me for an idea for my 20G high.
Planted Tank Enthusiast
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Don't sweat the filter, this looks great! Really looks like more than a 10 gallon, great work!
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