DevonCloud 29g - Your Tanks
2010-09-11 19.16.16.jpg
User DevonCloud
Size 29g
Date Started June 2010
Lighting SolarMax 2x24 T5HO
Equipment SunSun H302 filter, Marineland Stealth Pro heater
CO2 Milwaukee MA957 regulator (stock bubble counter/needle valve), Rex Griggs in-line reactor
Substrate Aqua-Soil, Eco-Complete
Parameters 0 Ammonia, 0 Nitrites, 0 Nitrates
Fertilization EI
Plants Lace Java Fern, Peacock Moss, Red Ludwigia, Amazon Sword, Jungle Val, Anachris, Cryptocoryne becketti, Barclaya longifolia
Inhabitants Red Cherry Shrimp x 15, Neon Tetras x 10
Profile Views 887
Algae Grower
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How do you get that lush green carpet effect?
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