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User Y0uH0
Size 5 feet X 2 feet X 1 1/2 feet (100 gallons)
Date Started 13th june 2006
Lighting 4 X 8000K osram tubes 1 X 9000K arcadia tube
Equipment 2 X Eheim 2028 external canister filters 1 X Teco TR15 chiller
CO2 5kg compressed gas tank connected to bubble counter and CO2 diffuser
Substrate JBL aqua basis base fert ADA amazonia aqua soil
Inhabitants 1 snow white discus,6 turquoise discus, 6 leopard snaeskin discus,1 angel,8 glass catfish,3 chinese algae eaters,1 SAE, 4 leopard corys, 7 black mollies, 6 zebra danios, 2 freshwater puffers, 7 otocinclus
Comments I just redid my 100gal tank on the 13th of june 06', the entire process was documented in my planted tank journal.
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The water looks fairly cloudy. Maybe green water?
Algae Grower
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Your plants sure look good
Algae Grower
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Is that the water or the glass making it look so cloudy? I've had issues getting pics of my tanks that make them look like coudy water when it's actually the outside of the glass or a little bit of algae on the inside glass.
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