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User waterspider
Size 65 Ltrs (17 US G). 50 ltr water to 15ltr hardscape.
Date Started Nov 2013
Lighting 2 x 11W PL G23 fluorescent (22W)
Equipment 150w heater Fluval 1 plus and Fluval 2 internal filter, working a circular counter current.
CO2 DIY 1ltr
Substrate Fine gravel for height, banked by slate, a large piece of bogwood, and some local sandstone for the hardscape. Topped with a good 2 inches of Tetra Plant Complete.
Fertilization None yet added, barring the Tetra substrate.
Plants None - long story! Wanted a HC cuba carpet with E Hairgrass, plus some hydrocotyl SP Japan, and flame moss and ricca on the bogwood, but have been plagued by algae. Currently (March 2014) stripped of plants and in blackout to restart.
Inhabitants None (barring some baby hitch-hiking snails!)
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