silverbear636 350 Litres - Your Tanks
2014-03-30 19.30.38.jpg
User silverbear636
Size 350 Litres
Date Started Jan 2014
Lighting Inbuilt
Equipment Aqua One UFO 880 Corner Tank
CO2 Nil
Substrate Polished River Stones Black and White
Plants Overflow Plants from my planted tank
Inhabitants 1 x Common Pleco "Mr Pleco" 1 x Chinese Algea Eater "Sardine" 5 x Large Clown Loach "Leonard" "Galego" 6 x Small Clown Loach 2 x Large Angelfish 10 x Small Angelfish 6 x Silver Shark
Profile Views 260
Algae Grower
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Nice. Your fish would love a few more plants to play in.
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