the_noobinator Perfecto 30 gallon XH - Your Tanks
User the_noobinator
Size Perfecto 30 gallon XH
Date Started 5/30/06
Lighting 24" Aqualight 65W Lamp Straight Pin Power Compact
Equipment aqua clear 50 filter, acura heater 100W
CO2 Red Sea Turbo CO2 Bio System
Substrate 14 lbs of fluorite
Fertilization Flourish, Flourish Excel, Flourish Potassium, fert tabs
Plants myrio filigree, crypt spiralis, dwarf subulata, amazon sword, jungle vallisneria, italian vallisneria, banana plant, micro sword, ozelot sword, java fern and java moss.
Inhabitants 8 tiger barbs (puntius tetrazona), 3 gold x-ray tetra, 2 corydoras agassizii, 2 clown loaches (botia macracantha), 2 spotted raphaels aka talking cats (acanthodoras cataphractus), 1 african dwarf frog, 8 otocinclus
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