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User burr740
Size 75 Gallon
Date Started Feb 2014
Lighting Quad T5HO Hydroponic fixture. Bulbs are Trulumen Flora, ZooMed Ultra Sun, 6500K Plantmax, ZooMed Flora Sun
Equipment SunSun 304B Canister, Hydor circ pump
CO2 10lb Aluminum tank, Aquatek reg, Sera 500 reactor
Substrate Black Diamond blasting sand (125 lbs)
Fertilization EI, Osmocote +
Plants Need to update
Inhabitants 20 Neons, 11 Pristella Tetra, 4 Cherry Barbs, 6 Candy Cane tetras, 3 Emerald Cory, 7 Ottos, 5 Flying Fox
Comments 50% water change once a week, 8 hour photo period.
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