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User bigbites
Size 75 Gallon
Date Started 3/4/14
Lighting Tek Wave 48in T5 VHO lighting 4 Coralife 10k daylight bulbs - High output T5 - 54 watts (48in) 2.88 WPG
Equipment Filstar XP L Canister Filter
CO2 5# tank - Red Sea Co2 Pro system
Substrate Eco-complete and Black Sand
Fertilization EI method using Ferts from GLA
Plants Vallisneria Spiralis, Italian Vals, ANUBIAS FRAZERI, Echinodorus "Red Flame" Sword Plant Rotala Rotundifolia (Indicia) WATER SPRITE, Ceratopteris thalictroides Cryptocoryne balansae GIANT HAIR GRASS, Eleocharis montevidensis Cabomba caroliniana, Green Cabomba Alternanthera reineckii roseafolia ROTALA SP. 'NANJENSHAN' Golden Lloydiella, Gold Creeping Jenny Blyxa auberti Lilaeopsis mauritiana, MICRO SWORD Dwarf Lily Plant , Nymphaea stellata
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