Marilyn1998 90 Gallons - Your Tanks
User Marilyn1998
Size 90 Gallons
Date Started 3/24/06
Lighting Coralife Aqualight- 130W PC colormax and 6700 K
Equipment Aqua Clear 110 Rena Filstar XP3
CO2 None
Substrate Soil Master Select Red
Parameters Temp 85, PH6.8, Ammonia 0, NitrIte 0, NitrAte 25ppm, Iron 0.5, Phosphate 5.0, GH 7, KH 3, Potassium 5
Fertilization Wc 1-50% 1-30% per week, Flourish Excel 5ml daily, KNO3 1/8 tsp, K2SO4 1/8 tsp every other day. CSM+B 1/8 tsp every other day
Plants Bacopa Moneri, Bacopa Carolina, Lloydiella, E Beleheri, Anubias Nana, E Osiris, Crypt Wendtii, Pennywort
Inhabitants 5 Discus, 6 Bolivian Rams, 13 Cardinals, 2 Otos
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