Veritasgear 20 Long - Your Tanks
User Veritasgear
Size 20 Long
Date Started February 10
Lighting 1 Finnex Fugeray
Equipment Rena Filstar Xp-S, Aquaclear 50 Hob Filter
CO2 DIY c02
Substrate Flourite, Aqua Soil
Fertilization Osmocote, crushed flourish tabs mixed with flourite, Iron, Trace.
Plants Anubias Barteri, Tall Hairgrass, dwarf hairgrass, Rotala Wallichi, Purple Cambomba, Red Ludwigia, frogbit, and one other (not sure what it is)
Inhabitants 6 inch Senegalus, 3 inch Delhezi, 1 Cory, 1 Zebra Angel, 1 Dwarf Gourami, and a bunch of freshwater limpets which do a damn good job cleaning algae.
Comments I'll take all the advice I can get
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