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User DeepDownAbove
Size 29 Gal Standard.
Date Started 2-23-2010
Lighting 4x24W T5 2x Life-GLO 1x Powerchrome Aquablue+ 1x Powerchrome Aquaflora
Equipment Koralia helps move water evenly in the tank. Penguin 330 Dual Biofilter Co2 Via Paintball tank and diffuser.
CO2 Co2 Via Paintball tank and diffuser.
Substrate Mostly Eco complete. Pebbles under the bigger hills to take up space. Some "Special kitty" (Worst idea ever) at the very bottom and then Two inches of Eco Complete on top.
Fertilization Some basic liquid macro and micro nutes.
Plants Pellia, Crypts, Wyrs, Salvinia, java fern / moss.
Inhabitants Rasbora, Cardinal Tetra, Colony of Cherry Red shrimp. Pond snails. 4 distinct kinds of algae monsters.
Comments Still learning. gah!
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Mark F.
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Yet another tank that looks bigger than it is, due not only to dense growth, but also to good use of layout and hardscape to create a sense of depth - good show! Would love to see some close-ups of the "algae monsters" (infusoria?) - probably just a sign of a functioning ecosystem (and maybe also a tastey & nutritious snack for your fish). BTW, in re your "still learning" comment: nobody should ever stop learning - keep up the good work!
Algae Grower
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Wow Mark! Thanks so much for your comment! I will see what I can do about documenting those elusive monsters for you guys.. :D I got lucky with the driftwood I found out on the river last summer. I find aquariums on the mind a lot more lately :D
Junior Member
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*This is a beautiful tank with well laid out plantings and a nice open swimming area in front. Reminiscent of a glade surrounded by dense woods, with very healthy looking plants. Especially love the low growing "lawn" in the center & fewer rather than many fish. The driftwood is a nice centerpiece which doesn't overpower in spite of its size; because of the growth of the surrounding plants. Had to come in for a closer look & having done so...I like it a lot--definitely 5 stars*
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Wow! I'm a newbie but this looks gorgeous. How much maintenance is involved with a tank like this?
Algae Grower
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Love how the wood comes forward with lots of plants behind -- it gives the tank a sense of depth, as if there's still a lot more vegetation behind the wood.
Algae Grower
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How do you hook up the paintball tank? I have a couple old CO2 paintball tanks laying around and if I could put them to use, that'd be awesome! Sweet looking tank!
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