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User theavenue
Size 75 Gallon
Date Started November 2009 - Plants March 31, 2010
Lighting Nova 2 54W - upgrading to 216 Watts this week
Equipment C530 Marineland Caniser Filter - circulates 530 gallons per hr.
CO2 20lb CO2 tank
Substrate Eco complete and small pea gravel
Parameters pH ~6.8 temp 76
Fertilization Flourish Excel (liquid Co2) Co2 tank w/diffuser (3-4 bps) Tropica Master Grow Liquid
Plants Ruby Red Melon sword Anubis Nana Narrowleaf Ludwigia Repens Limnophila Aquatica Wisteria Narrowleaf Ludwiga Sagittaria Nymphaea stellata (dwarf lily - 3) Dwarf Hairgrass Kygrophila Kompakt (2) Moneywort Purple/Red Cambosia(?)
Inhabitants 3 gold gouramis 15 neon tetras 3 tetras red fins 1 columbian tetra 2 cory spotted cats 3 chinese algae eaters 9 siamese algae eaters 3 red glo fish
Comments I'm new to this. The plants have only been in for 4 weeks, so we'll see how it goes. The fish are extremely happy and very active. Very peaceful tank. Had an algae problem before I put in the siamese algae eaters, but it has all but disappeared since. I'm doing 25-30% water change every week. In the beginning, my water circulation was not great, so I upgraded the filter. Now I'm waiting for stronger lights to come in. Hopefully everyone will stay happy. It seems to be the only place in my house where everyone lives in peace...hmm..wonder if there's room for me in there.
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smaller75 gallon June 22.jpg
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