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User Indyplanted
Size 90 gallons
Date Started 1/1/2010
Lighting 2x250 retro metal halides( $90) w/xm 10k's
Equipment sump and eheim 2229
CO2 7lbs w/ Milwaukee regulator maybe 10ish bubbles a second through power head.
Substrate eco complete, flourite, truface mvp, pea gravel
Parameters ph 6.2 water change 30-40% a week RO w/ neutral regulator and discus buffer
Fertilization PMDD 3 tsp a day, sera substrate tablets, Seachem substrate tablets, excel
Plants Pogo stel, sunset hygro, limnophlia aromatica, giant baby tears, java moss, needle leaf java fern, narrow and broad leaf ludwigia, few different vals, few different crypts,ect...
Inhabitants discus, cardinals, rummy nose, sterbai cory, pelvicachromis sub "moanda", danio choprai, sae's, nerite snails ect..
Comments picture from phone not great neither is my spelling and grammar. pressurized CO2 helped this tank tremendously.
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