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User misnjoe
Size 30 xh
Date Started 2005
Lighting 1 coralife CF 65w w/ 10k/65/k combo 2 coralife t5 28w 65k/colormax combo
Equipment 2 ehiem 2213 canistor filters 1 visa- therm 150w heater
CO2 5lb cylinder w/ milwaukee regulater solonoid interlocked w/ light timer 2bb p/min
Substrate eco complete
Parameters ph 6-6.5 Haven't checked my other perimeters in quite some time. Things are going good.
Fertilization ocasional dosing w/ over the counter ferts. Lately it's been nutri fins " plant grow" also use flourish and excell with my relatively heavy bio load in my tank I have found it almost not necessary to fertilize and still have healthy growing plants. I don't like my plants growing to fast.
Plants java moss, crypts, wisteria, bacopia, micro swords, amazon sword, hygophila, tiger lotus. ( currently)
Inhabitants 10 rummy nose 8 cardinals 2 discus 1 clown loach 6 jap shrimp ( currently)
Comments I have learned many things from this forum. one of the most important things i have learned on my own is "keep it simple" be observant to the daily conditions in your tank and develop some good instincts in your reactions
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