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User Cento
Size 10 gallons
Date Started April 14 2010
Lighting 2 x Compact Fluorescent bulbs, 23W each
Equipment Fluval 105, 1 x Rena Heater 50W
CO2 24oz Aluminium paintball canister, Milwaukee MA957 and Atomizer
Substrate Black Tahitian Moon
Parameters fine...
Fertilization Seachem N, P, K, Tabs, Flourish, Trace, etc.
Plants Hemianthus Callitrichoides "cuba", Hygrophila polysperma, some small cryp I don't know, and dwarf hairgrass
Inhabitants 5 amano shrimp, 6 panda corys, 3 RCS
Comments My first planted tank
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Junior Member
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Nicely done. Much more organized and aesthetically pleasing than my first and only planted tank.
Algae Grower
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great looking tank, and panda corys are an awesome choice.
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