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User attack11
Size 47gl
Date Started Mid May 2006
Lighting Current USA Sunpod HQI 150w / 8000k WGNLITE bulb
Equipment Fluval 305 / Stealth Heater
CO2 JBJ Regulator / Milwaukee SMS122 / Aquamedic Reactor 1000 / 60-65ppm
Substrate 1" latrite / gravel mix under 2" of fine gravel.
Parameters PH 6.5 / KH 6.7 / Nitrite 0ppm / Nitrate 20ppm / Amonia 0ppm
Fertilization PMDD Pre-Mix / KNO3 / K2SO4
Plants Hydrocotyle verticillata / Ludwigia repens (palustris) / Ludwigia (something) / Alternanthera reineckii "roseafolia" / Bacopa monnieri
Inhabitants 2 Cherry Barbs, 1 Dwarf Pleco, 3 Ghost Shrimp?, 4 Ottos, 3 White Clouds, 2 Black Mollys, 3 Mickey Mouse Platys, 4 Harlequin Rasbora
Comments Changed filters June 12 '06.
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Algae Grower
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Nice to see a vertical shape for a change. Looks very good.
Wannabe Guru
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I agree with ruki...I've been tempted to throw in a tall slim tank to my own mix.
Planted Member
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Very nice! Vertical is a nice change for the eye
Junior Member
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Tall tanks are my FAVORITE! And you have done a stunning job with this one. Congrats!
Junior Member
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This is really nice. I have a similar tank and have been challenged by how to get things to stack and use the hight, I like what you've done with yours
Planted Tank Obsessed
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wonderful tall tank. 5 stars.
Algae Grower
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Lovely Tank! I think I have the same tank, but mine is not planted because I don't know how to manage planting stuff in such a deep tank. What kind of tools did you use to place your plants?
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