Jake101 30 litres - Your Tanks
User Jake101
Size 30 litres
Date Started 8th February 2014
Lighting Dennerle Nano Amazon Day 11 W, 6000 K
Equipment Dennerle SkimFilter, Aquael Easy Heater 25 W
CO2 None
Substrate Dennerle Nano DeponitMix, Dennerle Nano Shrimps Gravel Sulawasi Black.
Parameters EC 250 uS/cm (200 from tap), pH 7.0, GH 5 dH, KH 3 dH
Fertilization DIY, low tech EI / weekly - KNO3 (NO3 10 ppm) - KH2PO4 (PO4 1 ppm) - Micronutrients - Easycarbo (3 gtt daily)
Plants egeria densa, rotala rotundifolia, hygrophila polysperma, anubias barteri 'nana', cryptocoryne parva, java moss, moss ball
Inhabitants 8 x boraras naevus, 6 x caridina cantonensis sp. crystal red
Comments Lights 8 h / day
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