WANNABE_LIMNOLOGY 5 gallon - Your Tanks
Size 5 gallon
Date Started 9th March, 2014
Lighting 13Watt CFL daylight
Equipment AquaClear 20
CO2 Dosing flourish Excel currently
Substrate Flourite,sand and left over Fluval stratum
Fertilization Flourish supplements once a week
Plants narrow leaf chainsword dwarf hair grass dwarf baby tears Rotala indica Ludwigia limnophila sessiliflora And one anubias
Inhabitants 3 gold bee shrimp 6 celestial pearl danio 2 sparkling gourami 1 ramshorn snail 2 chilli rasboa pond snails
Comments Low tech set up experiencing good growth and natural behaviours in fish
Profile Views 560
2014-03-13 01.55.27 1.jpg Screen Shot 2014-03-15 at 12.28.21 AM.png
Algae Grower
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Man that's an awesome piece of wood.. Nice tank!
Algae Grower
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Thanks Mikey!
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