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User Nianyu
Size 60 gal (48x13x24)
Date Started 3/7/2014
Lighting Marine land single bright LED 48" with sunlight and moonlight settings. "Sunlight" while the sun is up (8-10 hours?), "Moonlight" for less than an hour when we get up and before we go to sleep to simulate dusk and dawn.
Equipment Fluval 305 canister filter No heater, but I live in Florida and the water temp stays around 75 +/- ~2 degrees F
CO2 None yet
Substrate Floramax flourite, very fine sand
Parameters Ammonia: 0, Nitrite: 0, Nitrate: 5.0 ppm. pH stays at 7.5, water is very hard. Aquarium Salt 1 tbsp/10gal (just finished treatment for Columnaris, salt will remain until I'm sure it's gone)
Fertilization Just the flourite for now.
Plants Not sure. Can anyone help me with that? :D
Inhabitants 1 orange/blue dwarf gourami 14 danios (gold, zebra, leopard, and gold leopard, long and regular finned) 1 3-inch juvenile albino bristlenose pleco 9 bronze and peppered corydoras catfish
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Hi! Your tank looks like it has some potential...I used some velcro strips to stick a piece of black cloth along the back of the tank to both remove anything outside the tank behind it from taking away from the visual appeal of the interior, and also to get the colors inside your tank to pop out. You might also think about putting a plant in front of your inflow tube so it is less visible. Good luck! I'll check back in later ;)
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Oh, and also, I have a ph of 8, and my fishes have survived years, so 7.5 is not really something to be worried about unless you're planning on keeping acidic fauna.
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EBandman: Thanks a lot! We haven't decided on a backdrop yet - whether to get a graphic backgrop, a black one, or a mirrored one, but we are definitely going to put one up. One question though, would putting a plant in front of the inflow tube mess up the current/filtering process by blocking the inflow? The canister doesn't fit under the tank so we can't put inflow/outflow on opposite sides like we wanted to, so they ended up right in the middle, where the fish like to school. Unfortunate eyesore placement :(
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