StangGTT 125g long - Your Tanks
User StangGTT
Size 125g long
Date Started January 2013
Lighting 4x48in 6000k T8 shop light
Equipment 2x 4 stage Sunsun filters
CO2 n/a
Substrate Premium play sand
Fertilization root tabs
Plants 2 amazon swords, 2 flowering lilli pads, 1 anubias, several java fern, several flowering aponogetons, Some others I can't remeber the names of.
Inhabitants 1 flame gourami, 1 red finned shark, 4 corys, 4 otos, 4 angelfish, 4 striata loaches, 18 neon tetras, 1 red claw shrimp, 3 ghost shrimp, 1 bristlenose pleco
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