kenle74 300 gallon - Your Tanks
User kenle74
Size 300 gallon
Date Started 2/2/2013
Lighting 72" LED light
Equipment Fluval FX5 ; Eheim 2278 pro 3e; Eheim 2217; wet-dry filters, refugiums
CO2 2 separate pressurized co2 tanks, each with am1000 reactor
Substrate Turface with pool sand on top
Plants Indica rotala, Water sprite, water wisteria, Micro swords, Crypts, Tiger lilies
Inhabitants 30 Angelfish, 25 Rosaline barbs, 25 Cardinal tetra, Plecos, Siamese algae eaters, Hillstream loaches, Panda garra
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Algae Grower
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Love it, and the waterfall! ;)
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