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User bluelife
Size 15L X 13W X 18H
Date Started Nov 30 2013
Lighting Boyu STS 350 - 3 X 8 Watt T5
Equipment Boyu WF2025 HOB with Marina Ploywool,Fluval Bio Rings & Coarse Foam for filtration
CO2 Seachem Flourish Excel ™ - 5ml/day
Substrate Fluval Stratum 4Kg
Parameters NA
Fertilization Seachem Flourish™ comprehensive plant supplement - 5ml/ bi weekly,ADA Brighty K - 1 push daily,Tetra Planta Start Root Tabs
Plants Vesicularia montagnei - Christmas Moss Java Moss Microsorum pteropus - Java Fern Hygrophila polysperma - Variegated "Red" Staurogyne repens Marsilea hirsuta Hydrocotyle tripartita Dwarf Hair Grass
Inhabitants Blue Half Moon Betta X 1 Albino Pleco X 1 Golden Algae Eater X 2 Assassin Snail X 1 Neon Tetra X 9
Comments Natural Pebbles from River bed,Drift Wood,White Gravel.
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Thanks Ebeth , and yes the dimensions are in inches and its a 10 gal tank.
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