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User toddg
Size 55
Date Started 03/01/2010
Lighting Catalina 3x54 T5 HO with moonlights
Equipment Filter: Eheim 2217 classic Controller: ReefKeeper Lite with Net Module for computer monitoring.
CO2 GLA regulator DIY Co2 reactor
Substrate Eco Complete - 120 lbs
Fertilization GLA Complete
Plants Background: Didiplis diandra Ludwigia repens Myriophyllum tuberculatum Bacopa caroliniana Mid: Cryptocoryne wendtii red potted Dwarf Sagittaria bunch 10 Blyxa japonica Anubias nana Anubias nana narrow leaf Wisteria Foreground: Dwarf Hairgrass
Inhabitants 9 rummi nose tetra 4 zebra danio 5 neon tetra
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Algae Grower
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Nice tank! How long have you had it set up? And one quick and maybe stupid question. What is the purpose of the moonlights, does it do something for the plants or fish, or is just decoration? It does look beautiful though,just new to this, so I have a lot of questions.
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