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User barakainus
Size 30 gallon Long 36x12x16"
Date Started June 2009
Lighting Coralife 24" 2x65W 6700K inbuilt into DIY hood
Equipment Eheim ECCO 2232 (for 35 gallon) Hydor In-line heater 200W
CO2 DYI, diffused through power head, ladder or internal CO2 reactor (I tried everything)
Substrate Black fluorite mixed with onyx sand (ratio 1:2)
Parameters GH, KH 2-3 pH 7 temp 78F
Fertilization Sometimes N and micros
Plants ~50 species
Inhabitants 2 Angelfish 10 Cardinal tetras 5 Panda cory 2 Ottos 1 Pitbull pleco 12 Amano shrimps (but who knows, I don't ever see them)
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i really like this tank. i like how you have so many different varieties, yet make them go together so seamlessly. i also think it's cool that some of your plants are growing up out of your tank. good work.
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piece of art
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