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User lauraleellbp
Size 46 gal Bowfront
Date Started Dec 2009
Lighting Coralife 2x21watt T5NO
Equipment Eheim 2217, Hydor ETH 300 watt
CO2 None
Substrate Mineralized Topsoil capped with a mix of Flourite black and black T grade Colorquartz
Parameters pH 7.6, gH & kH off the charts (well water)
Fertilization None
Plants Val nana, Assorted Crypts, Hygro kompakt, Ranunculus inudatus
Inhabitants Current a QT tank so in flux. Eventual plan is a colony of Betta simplex, Boraras brigittae, Celestial pearl danios, Cherry shrimp, Amanos, Nerite snails
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Looks cool. Like an old broken down yard with the plants taking back the land. Even looks like you have old trees in there.
Algae Grower
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very nice, i also like the way it looks like a broken down wall that is being taken over by the plants. 5 stars
Algae Grower
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any update to this tank? i have branchy driftwood that looks similar and was curious how this has evolved over the last few years
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