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User Jester206
Size 125
Date Started May 2009
Lighting 2 T5-HOfixtures with 4 bulbs each from Each fixture had 1 pink bulb so I have a total of 6700k bulbs and 2 pink bulbs.
CO2 occasionally I use some Flourish Excel but up until recently my tank was pretty well populated so I was afraid of gassing my fish
Substrate Mixture of various sizes of gravel and some flurite
Parameters PH - 7.5 GH - 10 KH -5
Fertilization Big Al's Milti-Purpose fert Flourish Potassium
Plants Amazon Swords Cryptocoryne Undulatus Few random stem plants Java fern Java moss
Inhabitants Bala shark X 1 Bolivian Ram X 1 Siamese Algae eaters X 2 Pictus Catfish X 2 Rubber nose pleco Brissle nose pleco
Comments I would like to slowly replace the gravel with flourite.
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Algae Grower
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Beautiful Tank. Whats your weekly routine for it?
Algae Grower
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Algae Grower
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Wow what a tank. Super nice and that frog? in the coconut house is the sweetest thing ever!
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