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Size 29G -- 30W 12D 18H
Date Started 2/24/2010
Lighting 2x 65W PC, 6700k & 6700/10000K
Equipment Whisper Filter 60
CO2 Red Sea Pro 500
Substrate's own
Fertilization's dry tabs's total liquid 10ml Excel daily
Plants # Cryptocoryne crispatula # Crinum aquatica # Crinum Calimistratum # Red Flame sword # Klenier Bar sword # Ozelot sword # Nesaea Red # Nesaea pedicellata # Ludwigia Peruensis # Mayaca fluviatilis # Limnophila hippuroides # Rotala wallichii # Hygrophila balsamica # Hemianthus callitrichoides
Inhabitants 20 RCS 20 MTS 2 SAE
Profile Views 687
Planted Tank Obsessed
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been trolling for days now and havent commented. i love this tank. cant wait to see it when the carpet fills in. The crypt on the right looks like its going to eat me . . . and i love it.
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