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User jokerjp
Size 2.5 Gallon
Date Started 2-1-06
Lighting 13w AH Supply
Equipment RedSea Nano filter, Visitherm Stealth 50 heater
CO2 RedSea Paintball Co2 system set at 3/4 bps
Substrate Eco Complete
Parameters Weekly 50% water changes on Monday 100% RO water with GH booster PH 6.2 - 6.4 KH 4-6 GH 4-6
Fertilization Monday-Wednesday-Friday KN03 KH2PO4 Tuesday-Thursday Plantex CSM Occasional use of Excel
Plants HC Blyxa HM Petite Nana Moss
Inhabitants 1 Betta
Comments This tank is located in my cubicle at work
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Planted Tank Guru
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Great Scale, looks much much larger than it is!
Wannabe Guru
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Very nice.
Algae Grower
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Surely, it's a Beta Heaven!! Ur beta should love this. Great...!
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