jokerjp 65 Gallons 36x18x24 - Your Tanks
User jokerjp
Size 65 Gallons 36x18x24
Date Started 5-20-06
Lighting 3x96 AH Supply 2 banks on 9 hours 1 bank on 2.5 hours
Equipment Eheim 2126 Pro II
CO2 Pressurized CO2 on with lights DIY CO2 Reactor
Substrate 100% ECO Complete
Parameters Temp 78 degrees PH 6.2-6.4 KH 4 GH 4 Nitrate 15-20 ppm Phosphate 2-4 ppm
Fertilization EI dosing in solution macros and micros on alternate days
Plants Blyxa Japonica Glosso Riccia Java Fern Ludwigia Sword Plant Corkscrew Vals Tiger Louts
Inhabitants 3 Black angels 1 Black mollie 9 Amano shrimp 6 Pygmy corries 5 oto's 4 Aspidoras
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