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User jokerjp
Size 20 gallon H
Date Started 12-1-05
Lighting 2x55 PC AH Supply Bank one on for 10 hours Bank two on for 5 hours
Equipment Fluval 204 filter Visitherm Stealth heater
CO2 5lb CO2 bottle External reactor
Substrate Eco Complete
Parameters PH 6.6 KH 5 GH 5 Temp 80
Fertilization EI via dry ferts
Plants Glosso Blyxa Japonica Ludwigia Java Fern Corkscrew Vals Tiger Lotus Riccia Unidentified Sword
Inhabitants 3 black angel fish 10 amano shrimp 2 otos 8 pygmy corries
Comments This tank was dismantled May 20th 2006. It has been replaced by a 65 gallon setup that is currently growing in.
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Algae Grower
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Thats a sweet setup. That eco-complete works pretty well?
Wannabe Guru
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Nice lay out and color combo....I like it
Algae Grower
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i love this tank!
Algae Grower
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i luv the fact that you didnt follow the traditional advice about keeping taller plants away from the foreground...its different and appealing
Junior Member
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Good stuff
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