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Size 200 liters ~ 53 gallons
Date Started 22. May 2009
Lighting 150W Arcadia 3 -series metal halide with 5000K bulb. Led-moonlights + sunset lights.
Equipment Eheim Prof 2 2028 External filter, Jäger 200W heater, Eheim Aquaball internal filter, pen-type pH-meter.
CO2 6kg (~13lbs) Pressure cylinder + Solenoid valve + Tunze CO2 Diffuser
Substrate Fine sand.
Parameters pH: 6,5-6,8 depending on time of day. KH: 3dH GH: 3dH NO3: 10-20 PO4: 0,5-1 NO2: 0
Fertilization Home made mixup which contains: -PMDD -Potassium Nitrate (KNO3) -Iron Chelate (Fe-EDTA) I also add EasyLife EasyCarbo and solution of Potassium Diphosphate (KH2PO4). Fertilization is done every morning.
Plants -Rotala macranda -Rotala wallichii -Rotala rotundifolia -Mayaca fluviatilis -Blyxa japonica -Blyxa aubertii -Micranthemum umbrosum -Helanthium bolivianum -Echinodorus vesuvius -Pogostemon helferi -Ceratophyllum demersum -Pistia stratiotes -Myriophyllum matogrossense -Limnophila aromatica
Inhabitants -2x Pearl Gourami -30x Cardinal Tetra -Farlowella sp. -Sewellia lineolata -Ancistrus sp. -Pelvicachromis pulcher (Kribensis) -Lots of trumpet snails
Comments Current profile picture is not reprecenting tank's current outlook. I recently removed the large bush on java fern from the left side of the tank and it's going to be replaced with other plants. The substrate is going to be covered with Hemianthus callitrichoides. More pictures are coming when the tank is "ready" ;)
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great scale - I'd be happy with this one.
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*A very handsome, well planted tank and a favorite of mine. Dense and yet open; well lit but shadowy too. Love the many textures and colors of leaves on your plants. The cardinals are impressive because they can be delicate and prone to disease, but look healthy here. Very well done--will be watching for more photos of this sterling setup-- definitely 5 stars.*
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