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User Mikeyp85
Size 10 gallon
Date Started 10/13
Lighting Finnex Fugeray
CO2 DIY.. Excel
Substrate Eco complete
Parameters Ph 7.6 Gh 11 Kh 5
Fertilization Flourish. Excel. Iron. Potassium. Root tabs
Plants Rotala green..Rotala h'ra..Ammania Bonsai..Ludwigia hybrid..bacopa australis..golden lloydiella..dwarf lobelia cardinalis.. Pogostemon Erectus..HC..Alternanthera Reineckii 'mini.. Flame moss.. Weeping moss
Inhabitants Neons, cardinals , Pygmy cories , otocinclus, Amano shrimp, cherry shrimp
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the neons and cardinals are always nice to look at, but your shrimp will have little success breeding. I found that neons and cardinals are both ferocious predators on small fry and newly hatched shrimp. If breeding doesn't matter though, then the setup looks great! I hope to see the plants a bit taller soon.
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I really like your HC carpet...beautiful. You have a very nice selection of plants. I look forward to seeing more pictures as the plants mature. Nice work!
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@brireed, it really depends on the fish and how well they are fed as to whether they will hunt the cherry shrimps. I have a similar setup with 19 cardinal and 6 lemon tetras and they do not bother the cherries at all. I started with 37 cherries and have sold over 200 and still have over 100 in my tank. The less than 5mm babies swim and crawl freely about. My fishes are fed twice a day with a sprinkling of sinking pellets and occasional squashed pond snails. I have noticed that my tetras only go for dead things. They did not go for live black worms but went crazy with frozen blood worms.
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Thanks for the compliments! I'm fairly new to the hobby so any advice is good advice. Growing fast!
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