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User Lee
Size 90 Gallon
Date Started 1-14-2010
Lighting Hagen GLO 2x54 T5 6700K
Equipment Eheim ecco 2236, 2232
CO2 None
Substrate 1/2 Flourite 1/2 Quartz gravel
Parameters 80 Degrees
Fertilization None
Plants Amazon sword, Mellon sword, Anubias barteri, Anubias barteri nana, micro sword
Inhabitants 2 lemon tetra, 2 black phantom tetra, 2 albino tetra, 4 threadfin tetra, 2 black neon tetra, green phantom pleco, Chaetostoma sp., royal farlowella, 2 chain loach, 2 bleeding heart tetra, 6 Otocinclus, 4 C. Japonica
Comments Malaysian driftwood
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Algae Grower
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I like this tank its simple but very classy..not too much to inflate it..
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